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Mileages Set – Weather?? – Preriding

Just an FYI, with the longer parade route this year the distances are slightly longer. The advertised 15 mile event is actually 16 miles. The 30 Mile event is around 30.5 miles.

The forecast is a bit damp but will not dampen our spirits. After all this is a mountain bike race, and it can’t be mountain biking unless there is mud or blood, right? Looks like the awards ceremony will be in the Colosseum ballroom. Go up the stairs just beyond the stairwell going down to the locker roooms.

If you’re planning to be here friday night, the “906” concert will be under a tent or moved to the Calumet Colosseum ballroom if the weather is going to be rainy. The parade and Deer Chase will happen unless the winds are over 40 mph or there is lightning. The forecast is for the rain to be tapering off on Saturday. So we might get a bit wet in the beginning but things should be dryer by finish time.

Course marking has begun but will not be finished before friday afternoon. If you want to preride, please note that there is a place just above the chalet where the course will change as the last racer passes. Also the Valley trail and Two Hoots Too trails will be marked for the kids course. Probably best to just go out and ride, enjoy and not plan your tactics. Besides the overall winners for the past 11 years never viewed the course before racing.